Potterhouse School – Christian School

We are Christian Education institution for the dynamic world. The establishment of our school was propelled by the underlying Christian philosophy of life which has its root and reason in God as revealed in scripture. The pursuit of wisdom and truth answers questions about our beliefs and our view of learning and life. Therefore, we see education as passing along of life, a life of God.

Theocentric Philosophy

We believe that Christian Education is the process of unraveling who God is, understanding all he has created and unveiling the majesty of His glory which leads to having people who have a growing perception and application of truth in their daily lives. We have a theocentric philosophy of life.

Bibliocentric Education

The Bible is the final authority for understanding truth therefore our philosophy is bibliocentric education. We believe that all truth, wisdom and knowledge can be attained, explained, understood and taught within a context of an understanding of the teaching of Scripture. The Bible is the core in the curriculum, meaning all subjects have their first point of reference in the Word of God.

Wholistic Approach

Our vision is based on a wholistic approach to curriculum meaning reality must be perceived as a whole. We encourage creativity and inventiveness from students, recognizing that man’s creativeness is a reflection of God as the original creator.

Integration of Truth and Practice

We recognise the importance of an approach to education that emphasizes the integration of truth and practice. We aim to see Biblical principles and convictions demonstrated in the life and practice of individuals in Potterhouse School – staff and students.

Developmental outcomes

In addition to passing academic knowledge to students, we see and make possible the development of the total life of the student, we impart life. We see that all the dimensions of an individual are equally important – the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of students. We are keen on mastery of knowledge and development of character of students.

Our Purpose

We teach, train and transform through educational expertise and a Christ-like example. The hallmark of our school is TOPAS Partnership (Teachers, Owners, Parents, Administration and Students). Students are the most important to whom the efforts of the rest are directed. Each stake holder has a distinct role but they work together to educate the children.

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