The Learning Lab

Potterhouse School believes that:

  • All students have a right to learn
  • All students are able to learn
  • Instruction needs to be adapted to suit a child’s learning style and needs
  • Where a student has learning difficulties, we have a responsibility to provide extra, specialized support to help them progress and learn effectively

In recognition of the above, the school has a learning support department, The Learning Lab, where students with learning difficulties can receive one-on-one specialized support in addition to their regular classroom learning. Teachers with specialized training design an individualized education program to supplement classroom learning to help students who may be struggling with, for example, reading, comprehension, processing of information, concentration, and social and behavioural challenges affecting their learning.

The Learning Lab is equipped with resources to aid a variety of learning styles, particularly for visual and tactile learners. There are a range of manipulatives for the development of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, visual discrimination, as well as tools to help in the learning of numbers, phonics, reading, writing and comprehension.

The Learning Lab is a warm and friendly environment where students receive focused attention and are able to grow in self-confidence and progress in their learning.

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