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Welcome to Potterhouse School!

As you make your way along the walkway onto our campus mid-morning, there is a calm that may make you wonder whether there is any activity going on. But if you listen keenly, you will hear a hum of voices from the east, west and south wings; rhymes from the kindergarten corners and debates in high school classrooms. You will discover a beehive of activity. When you visit our website – and I hope you will – you will learn about the ethos and practices that inform our approach to teaching and learning; and you will see images of lively and engaged students from age two through high school.

Since May 2002, we have been growing a community that is a haven for students, characterized by warmth, care and support. We offer a place for children and young people to be the best version of themselves; where they are encouraged to take ownership of their learning as they explore their interests and discover their passions and talents. We are committed to preparing students for the ever-changing global community by building their character alongside their academic pursuits, with the understanding that we will never know where our influence stops. Therefore, we teach knowing that we touch lives forever. We envision students who have potential to positively impact not only the nation but the world at large, being cognizant of the fact that intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.

We have a reputation of providing an environment where all students are able to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually; where students are encouraged to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and excellent communicators.

If all-rounded excellence, character building and personalized learning opportunities in an affirming and dynamic environment are what you desire for your child, I heartily encourage you to pay the school a visit.


We believe our first responsibility is to the children. We must strive to provide for them an environment that promotes the discovery and application of knowledge.

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To see children who have a love for knowledge and learning, growing in godliness and equipped to serve their society.


To teach, train and transform through educational expertise and Christ-like example, moulding and inspiring children to a life of excellence and impact.

Our Curriculum

Potterhouse School

At Potterhouse, we follow an adapted form of the British National Curriculum. This means that throughout the Primary School up to and including Year Eight students study the set national curriculum subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History, Art, Physical Education, Music, a modern Foreign Language and ICT.

In Year Nine pupils undertake a pre-IGCSE year of study, and in Year’s Ten and Eleven students follow a two year course leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations.

If a student achieves 5 good C grade passes at this level they can then go on to study for the Advanced Level General Certificate of Education (A-levels) which are considered a gold standard for entry to universities worldwide.

Throughout their schooling, all students also follow a course in Physical Education although this is not an examined subject.

Our students have the option to study two languages in addition to English.  These are French and Kiswahili.

We teach Physics, Chemistry and Biology as separate subjects to IGCSE, whereas in the UK some schools offer a combined science course.

In the primary section of the school students take tests in English, Mathematics and Science at various stages.  In addition they undertake a major examination at the end of Year 9 to mark the transition to Secondary School for Year 10 at age 13+.  Such testing allows us to monitor pupil standards and to track individual progression in learning.

Why Potterhouse School?


Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain.

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Potterhouse Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee
7:00 am - 6:00 am
Potterhouse, Runda

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Potterhouse School Sports
Sports Day
12:00 am - 5:00 pm
Potterhouse, Runda

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