We seek to provide opportunities for young children to explore their environment as they learn, through an extensive child-centred curriculum. The curriculum embraces a hands-on approach in developing cognitive, gross and fine motor skills in the children. The skills are achieved through engaging activities and manipulatives prepared by our teachers.

We have a team of caring, dedicated, trained and talented teachers who understand that children have different learning styles and are keen to support the children at their level. In addition, our teaching approach and classroom environment are designed to foster curious learners and also develop social skills.

We believe that learning takes place all the time, not just in the classroom. In our quest to develop learners, we encourage children to participate in extra – curricular activities from a young age. These activities set the children on a journey of talent and self-discovery. We support the children by providing a variety of activities through our vibrant weekly clubs’ programs. Our 3-5 year olds can take part in swimming, football, gymnastics, ballet, dance, beadwork, to mention a few.

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